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Ramadan Kareem 1444 Hijri 2023

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Our Ramadan Show


Hosts: Haleema Zulfiqar & Humayun Zeb
Child Star: Arifeen Asif
Scholar: Dr. Abdul Basit Mujahid

Ramadan Kareem live show by aur Life is named Ramadan Kareem, being hosted by Haleema Zulfiqar & Humayun Zeb. They will be joined by a very cute Arifeen who is just 10 years old as a Junior Host, he will be asking questions related to Ramzan and Islam from our Scholar Dr. Abdul Basit (Professor Uncle as he calls him) from a kid’s perspective. This live transmission will have Hamds, Naats, Live Calls, Qasasul Ambiya where stories of the Sahaba and Ambiya’s will be shared. The transmission will have a range of topics covering people’s daily lives, Ramazan routines, personal problems, issues with different perspectives. The transmission will be aired LIVE from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm every day for the month of Ramazan.

Language: Urdu