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SEASON 1 | 2022 | 16+

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Mikaal Zulfiqar , Shahroz Sabzwari , Zarnish Khan , Tuba Anwar , Saleem Sheikh , Subhan Awan , Anjum Habibi , Sophia Mehmood , Isbaah Irfan

Marriage is one such relationship based on love and feeling. But the real security of this relationship is their mutual loyalty and honesty together. While fidelity and honesty are the strongest conditions for maintaining this relationship, doubt, jealousy or malice are its greatest weaknesses. Ye Ishq samajh na aaye is also the story of a loving couple, the story of Rida and Hassan who believe that no storm in the world can shake their love from its place. But then one day they both can’t face the slightest spark from their own heart. The spark slowly takes the form of fire. The fire that turns into a volcano as soon as they see it, burns the castle of their love in one fell swoop and turns it into ashes.

Language: Urdu