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Parveen Akber, Asim Mehmood, Arooba Mirza, Noman Habib, Maria Saad, Mehdi (Kid), Fazal Hussain, Taqi Ahmed, Sana Askari, Esha (Kid), Umer (Kid), Fauzia Mushtaq, Faiq Khan, Dea Mughal, Khushi (Kid), Rabiya Zuberi, Abida Zehra, Hamza Islam, Mirza Rizwan, Afshan, Saleem Khan

After marrying her cousin and facing the harsh reality of toxic in-laws, Suhana, a compassionate and educated
woman, finds herself navigating a hostile environment when her husband leaves the country for work. As she
confronts the challenges imposed by her husband’s family, Suhana’s resilience and strength become the driving
force behind her journey to reclaim autonomy and forge a new path in a tumultuous world, ultimately
discovering her own power in the face of adversity.

Language: Urdu