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SEASON 1 | 2022 | 16+

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Mr. Imran Khan

Subh-e-Azeem is a religious program which intends to speak about the day to day affairs in the light of Quran and Hadith. The team of Subh e Azeem is eager enough to feel the pulse of the time and to set the course of its audience accordingly. With this purpose, it always engages the research scholars from different universities, and the well-known religious madaras to speak on the selected topics. The program smartly covers almost all the important aspects of the selected topic in its limited time. It starts with its Quranic interpretation and discusses how Hadith e Rasool (SAW) supports it. Then discusses its impact on individual and social life. The next discussion brings Sufis lives in to lime light with respect to the topic and at the end the scholars try to discuss its impact on the most important part of any society i.e. the Youth. Recitation of the Holy Quran, Naat e Rasool e Rahmat (SAW) and a selected piece of Arfana Kalaam are also the part of each episode of the program.

Language: Urdu