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SEASON 1 | 2021 | 16+

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Farhan Qasim ,Areeba Tirmizi, Qasim Mahmood,
Syed Sheheryar Shahid,Sneha Rani

“Order Disorder” is a comedy satire in which we present serious issues of our society in the form of “Comedy”. It’s the scenario of a courtroom, in which we have Lawyer, accused, jury, and the darbaan.
In this, an accused person from our society is called in the courtroom and the lawyer seriously puts different allegations to let Characters respond Comically. The topic of allegations will be funny throughout the show but it will be presented exceptionally.
In the middle part, some indirect serious discussion is added to educate the audience through content and disseminate some positive aspects. This is to make people think and to educate them at the same time.
In the end, Judge/Jury will conclude the whole discussion in a very serious manner. That too with a meaning full judgment, that helps in the betterment of society.

Language: Urdu