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SEASON 1 | 2022 | 16+

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Zara Shafique

Kyun Aur Kesay is a science communication show that is directed at youth particularly and masses generally, to promote science literacy in Pakistan.
The show covers 4-segments. The first segment is “Kya ye sach hai?” (Is it true?), which debunks prevalent science-related misconceptions and myths in people. The second segment is ” Ye kesay hota hai?” (How does it work?), which focuses on educating the audience about scientific processes and concepts. The third segment is “Humaray Sciencedaan” (“Our Scientists”), which aims to introduce Pakistani scientists and science-related people to the audience. This segment also guides the audience on how to opt for different science-related careers. The fourth and last segment is “Kahin Aur” (“Another World”). It introduces the audience to new places with geological, historical, or cultural significance

Language: Urdu