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SEASON 1 | 2023 |

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Haleema Zulfiqar & Humayun Zeb

It’s an entertainment-based morning show. All kinds of entertainment topics are welcomed on this platform. We invite celebrity guests to our show and talk to them about their life and also the things their fans want to know about them which were hidden. Our host Haleema and Humayun play a different kinds of games to make the show interesting and happening. There are 4 different segments in our show to make it more attractive for the audience. Sometimes we also discuss serious issues in our show for the betterment of our society. We invite one expert in the episode regarding that specific topic and ask questions that appear in the mind of a simple man. We make the discussion light and easy so that every ordinary person understands it. The purpose of these kinds of programs is also to make the concepts clear.

Language: Urdu

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